Three Kings Gifts

shepherds-angelWe do have many Nativities in the store and one of our favorites is this collection from Three Kings Gifts.  The sets come in three different sizes -- small, regular and deluxe -- and can also be sold in individual groupings.

In the small size (approximately 7" tall figures), there is a fourteen piece set which includes the Holy Family and manger, three Kings and a star, shepherds, sheep and angel along with three chests holding gold, frankincense and myrhh.  The four animals can be purchased as another set and the lighted stable is also available singly.  Naturally, we offer a special price for the complete set-up.

In the regular and deluxe sizes, one can purchase the Holy Family and manger as one set, the three Kings and star as a separate set, the shepherds and angel as another set, the lighted stable alone and the four animals set OR, again, a special price for the complete set-up.  Regular figures are approximately 9" tall and the deluxe are 11" tall, with the accessory pieces sized correctly to suit.

The colors are magnificent on the three Kings:  vibrant, rich colors as befitting royalty whereas the Holy Family and the shepherds are in everyday robes of their times.

We are so proud to handle these wonderful Nativities.

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