2014-chemart-annual-snowflakeChemArt Baldwin Ornaments

Many people have been aware of the beautiful brass door hardware and/or candleabras that Baldwin has been producing for decades. Their non-tarnishing brass products are very highly prized and appreciated. 

Not so well known are the beautiful Christmas ornaments that have been theirs for over thirty years now.

These wonderfully detailed pieces of art are brass that is coated with 24K gold and are still "Made in the USA" with pride.

Not only do we have a wide variety of subject matter represented by this line, but Baldwin also produces the yearly White House Historical Ornament which wew do carry annually. This year's President is Warren G. Harding and it is actually two separate ornaments representing the train that he rode out to San Francisco and is also the train that carried his body back after he died while out West. It is the first time two ornaments make up the annual White House Historical offering.

These detailed pieces will shine brightly on your tree for years. We know you will appreciate their American-produced beauty.

Expect the Extraordinary

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