Handhewn Bowls

handhewn bowlRip and I began our store as a workshop and retail outlet for our handhewn bowls fourteen years ago. (Visit handhewn.com to view our bowls.)  We earned our living for over twenty years with our bowls and had the good fortune to meet some of the finest artists in American today at our various fine art venues.  We are honored to have been asked to put our work in two White House Administrations and from there into the Smithsonian Institute.

Consequently, we  carry a lovely selection of wood in our store today.  We have wall pieces, beautiful ducks made from Montana fence posts, puzzle boxes, secret boxes, jewelry boxes, carvings, bird houses (both real ones for birds and ornament-sized ones), cutting boards, wonderful wooden utensils and (naturally) bowls.

We know all of these artists personally and are happy to share their histories with you.


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100 Blue Ridge Drive, Ste. 115 * McCaysville, GA 30555