patience brewsterPatience Brewster

When was the last time you looked at a whole line of Christmas ornaments and broke into wide smiles?

That is precisely what this delicious line will have you doing.  Patience Brewster puts shoes and everything and everyone in her line. Santa's eight reindeer have every form of shoes from ballet slippers to mukluks. Some of them have candleabras for antlers. They are ridiculously fun and somehow very appropriate.

Her mini ornaments have the Cardinal cardinal (bird dressed in cape and miter), pigs in flip-flops with Christmas trees on their heads, elephants in sneakers and so forth and so on.

Patience has a whole new take on the Twelve Days of Christmas, including two doves atop a turtle in shoes (of course), to give one example.  As each piece of Patience's line is custom made just for us according to what we order in January, once that piece is sold it is gone until the next year.

Come visit Patience and smile; she'll cheer up your day! 

Expect the Extraordinary

(706) 964-1166
100 Blue Ridge Drive, Ste. 115 * McCaysville, GA 30555