Hand-Carved Gourds

hand carved gourdsOne of our most popular items in the store is our tree full of hand-carved and wood-burned gourds.  This is a Fair Trade Federation company (where the artisans are paid an above-average wage for their works) owned by a friend of ours to benefit her home countrymen in Peru.

Carvers in Peru have been at work carving gourds for literally thousands of years and their work is excellent!  Carved gourds have been discovered in some of their old tombs that have been excavated and dated.

Our gourds come and go very quickly so we might not have the exact ones pictured here, but there are sure to be some that will please you.  The hardest thing is to pick just one (or a few); the choices are tremendous.

We also have a few carved gourd boxes available, along with a custom "Copperhill, TN" gourd designed by Rip for our customers who want a local ornament.

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